Chemicals, Explosives and Hazardous Materials Identification

A fundamental need exists for handheld instruments that can quickly and accurately identify unknown chemicals in the field to save lives and aid in mitigating potential hazards. Thermo Scientific instruments designed to meet this need are deployed worldwide. Instruments include: FirstDefender RM and FirstDefender RMX instruments—based on Raman spectroscopy; the TruDefender FT —based on FTIR spectroscopy; and the microPHAZIR CS analyzer—based on Near- Infrared (NIR) analysis. These products enable chemical and explosives identification by non-technical users including:

  • Unknown substance identification for hazardous materials teams
  • Liquid, powder and headspace gas identification for military chemical and explosive battalions
  • Authentication and screening of improvised explosive devices by bomb squads and explosive ordnance disposal teams
  • Chemical identification, duties and triage for customs and border protection
  • Identification of suspected narcotics by law enforcement personnel

Thermo Scientific has developed new product GEMINI with combining raman and FT-IR technologies on one analyzer and challenging into the market

M908 MS spectrometer newly developed and designed by 908 Device company is able to analyse chemicals in gas, solid and liquid phases.