Gasmet Technologies

Gasmet Technologies is a Finnish high technology company that develops, manufactures and markets the Gasmet line of gas analyzers and monitoring systems for a variety of industrial and environmental applications.

Our mission is to provide our clients worldwide with innovative, customer-driven and reliable solutions in the field of gas analysis. Each of our products is fine-tuned individually to meet the customer’s needs and application requirements. In addition to the provision of high quality solutions, we also place a heavy emphasis on high levels of pre and post-sale technical support. We continually strive to exceed our customers’ expectations and this is achieved with experience, expertise and a can-do attitude. Gasmet products are also very succesful about fast fumigant analysis on site.

Gasmet FTIR gas analyzers are able to measure both organic and inorganic compounds simultaneously, even in the most demanding applications; including hot, wet and corrosive gas streams. With this technology, concentrations of up to 50 different compounds can be measured within seconds. In addition to fixed systems for continuous monitoring, Gasmet also manufacturers lightweight robust transportable analyzers that can easily be taken from site to site.

For over 25 years Gasmet has established a global reputation for high quality, reliable gas analyzers. Gasmet operates in more than 60 countries and our global network of subsidiaries and distributors covers all continents.

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