Customs Enforcement

Often customs ports of entry are interested to verify that material being moved through ports have been properly declared for tariff purposes. With Thermo Scientific’s Portable NIR, Raman and FTIR Spectrometers, it is possible to measure the unknown material and compare it to a library . Results can be linked to tariff control codes thus verifying that the proper tariffs are received for a given material class.

Since the majority of material testing can be successfully completed in the warehouse, the number of samples which need to be sent to a central laboratory can be greatly reduced.

Portable Optical Analyzers can be equipped precalibrated ready to use for a wide range of materials including: Controlled Substances including Narcotics and precursors, Industry raw materials including polymers, pharmaceutical ingredients, agriculture products, food ingredients, Fabrics and Textiles and Explosives. Also it is easy to add metarials to libraries.

Effectively Used Products at Customs:

  • FirstDefender RM
  • TruDefender FTX
  • TruNarc